1/2 Pcs Israeli Trauma Bandage Dressing First Aid Medical Compression Bandage –

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_x005f_x000D_Features:_x005f_x000D_1. 2m high stretch breathable bandage, stretchable to 4m_x005f_x000D_2. Medical cotton material bandages wounds to prevent secondary infections_x005f_x000D_3. The most unique design is on the two self-contained retaining rings, one in the gauze area and one in the gauze area. The two rings will have quite a few applications in the wild._x005f_x000D_4. The wound will not be broken again when the bandage is removed._x005f_x000D_5. The multi-directional dressing design allows the wrapping tape to be wound in different directions. It can be used on the head, legs, arms, torso, or elsewhere in the body, and is extremely useful in hemostasis in the groin and head._x005f_x000D_Specification:_x005f_x000D_Size: 10CM*200CM_x005f_x000D_Material: medical cotton_x005f_x000D_Note: Actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effect.includes:1/2 x Bandage

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