10 Pack Q9 BNC Balun Connector, BNC Male Plug to 2 Pin/Spring Lane, CCT Balun CCTV Camera Compression Terminal Adapter – RG59 RG6 Video Coax Cable

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BNC male connector is suitable for connection between CCTV camera and monitor/TV, which can save time and connect cables more securely. This is a perfect solution for those who want to make custom cables Spring-loaded BNC Q9 connector, no soldering, no screwdriver, just press a button, you can connect the wire, the installation is easier, and it saves your time The BNC Q9 balun connector is easy to carry, and the positive and negative poles are easy to distinguish. The red button is the positive pole, and the black button is the negative pole. Universal BNC Q9 interface + spring compression terminal. Cat5/Cat6 cable can be used instead of traditional RG59/RG6 coaxial cable. Widely used indoors: Supports the connection of all video equipment such as CCTVs, TV cameras, monitors and video recorders 1. Solderless BNC type screw terminal, easy to use, just use a wire stripper to connect the cable, convenient and quick. 2. The Q9 BNC connector adapter is very suitable for converting

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