10 Pack Vacuum Compression Bags, Space Saving 35 x 50cm, There’s No Need for a Vacuum or Pump. transparencies for travel, clothing, duvets, pillows,

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Space saving bags, no need for vacuum or pump. Compression bags to save space. Vacuum bags, ideal protection. ❤ Vacuum pouches. Features: ★ Free Air Vacuum Bags, No Pump, High Sealed Manually Compressed Bag. ★ These compression bags will help you save up to 75% storage space. ★ With these vacuum bags you can compress your clothes, underwear, T-shirts and more. ★ The bags can be stacked on top of each other to save space in your suitcase. ★ Compression bags are a good helper for your trip. ❤ Space-saving pockets. Directions: ✿Storage bags to save space, open the zipper seal, put the neatly folded clothes into the vacuum bag. ✿ Compression bags close the zipper by running the slider along the zipper several times. ✿ Vacuum Bags Roll up the bag from the bottom to complete the compression operation. ❤ Note: ✔ Space-saving bags: Please dry the items before storing them in the bags and check the vacuum bags for strength after closing them. ✔ Compression bags: If there are buttons, zippers

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