10pcs RCA to Speaker Wire Adapter Subwoofer Speaker Phono RCA Male to AV 2 Screw Terminal Video Audio Spring Compression Balun for CCTV

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It can connect the audio and video interface of security wiring, monitoring equipment, home theater, background music and other equipment to transmit audio and video signals. Stranded or solid wire and a small screwdriver to create a custom wiring fixture. Create custom wiring fixtures using stranded or solid wire and a small screwdriver.

Nickel plated for maximum signal transmission and durability. Specifically designed for special industrial applications, such as connecting single wires to open cable ends. So you can connect different devices with RCA connectors to the adapter individually. Package contents: 10 Male RCA connectors. Male RCA phono connectors for speakers Seamless and spring type. Ideal for small audio and video electronic projects and CCTV applications. Thread the wires to the binding posts and connect the RCA cables. No plugs, no splicing, no crimping, just a small screwdriver. Contents of packaging: 10 male RCA connectors.

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