10x RCA PHONO Compression Crimp Connectors RG6 Coaxial Cable Male AV Audio Plug

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Pack of 10 10x Quality RCA/PHONO Compression Crimp Connector Overview – Perfect for CCTV or high end AV installations, these connectors provide a secure, quick, neat and hassle free connection. They are professionally manufactured; they are much quicker to fit than RCA solder connectors. They also grip the outer insulation of the coaxial very tightly so can withstand more punishment than crimp/solder connectors. To fit, you just need to purchase our 3 in 1 compression tool (search our shop for more details), the insulation on the coaxial should be stripped back and the central conductor exposed, slide the connector on to the cable and then simply compress using the compression tool. Compression Connector – The great thing about compression connectors is you do not need to solder. The crimp tool will cause the connector to clamp onto the inserted cable insulation and shield very securely, they are also far better than solder RCA connectors for this reason. Weather Proof Connectors

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