10x RG59 F Connector Compression Crimp Male Plug Outdoor Satellite Cable SKY End

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Pack of 10 – High Quality F-Connector Male Compression Crimp Connectors Overview – This connector can be crimped on to a suitable cable using a compression crimp tool to provide a connection to satellite/aerial equipment. We stock compression crimp tools and connectors sold together if you need a tool. Please search our shop or get in touch. Compression Connector – The great thing about compression connectors is you do not need to solder. The crimp tool will cause the connector to clamp on to the inserted cable insulation and shield very securely, they are also far better than twist-on F connectors for this reason. Weather Proof Connectors – Our compression F-Connectors create such a strong clamp to cables that they are weather proof when crimped. A small seal is forced to the read of the connector when crimped which creates the weather proof seal allowing these connectors to be used in an indoor or outdoor environment. Suitable for the following cable: RG59 Coaxial Cable If

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