1pc Reusable Spa Facial Towels, Spa Mask Facial Towels, Hot and Cold Compress Facial Towels, Mask Cloths, for Facial Treatments

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DIY FACIAL SPA: Super simple DIY facial SPA at home, which can moisturize and improve skin condition, relieve fatigue, reduce swelling and relieve pain. Ideal for facial steam to open pores, remove residue from the surface of the face, detoxify, improve blood circulation, prevent wrinkles, improve dull complexion, soothe eyes, relieve headaches and dizziness. Cold Press: Towel face mask is also a good idea for cold compress on the face, it can shrink capillaries, reduce skin burning, itching, relieve irritation, relieve allergic skin reaction , relieve sunburn, etc. Soft material: the towel is made of high quality coral fleece fabric, double layer design, soft and skin-friendly, natural and safe, reusable towel mask, good air permeability, good water absorption water, super moisturizing face. Washable, suitable for all skin types, moisturizing and firming the skin, giving you a comfortable beauty experience. EASY TO USE: These SPA wipes are easy to use, just heat and cool them in

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