2 Pack Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves for Women and Men for Hand Pain Relief, Swelling and Carpal Tunnel Fingerless Gloves for Typing, Joint

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Copper Infused Compression Gloves – Our arthritis gloves infuse copper ion fibers directly into the fabric instead of spraying copper onto the surface of the glove, the copper content does not decrease with washing and time, maximizing the life of the glove and ensuring the life of the glove maintains compression during use Extended finger joints – Unlike other fingerless pain gloves, we we’ve lengthened the finger sections to help you get more finger compression, as shown they will cover your first knuckle COMPRESSION AND COMFORT – Continuous compression and moisture wicking fabric improves your blood circulation , promote hand mobility, allow your skin to breathe and reduce the pain and swelling of arthritis Fingerless gloves for pain relief – If you struggle with arthritis , the osteoarthritis, rheumatism pain oids, muscle stiffness and inflammation of the hands, our pain relief gloves are dedicated to relieving pain in the most natural way possible

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