200 Pieces (30mm) Peat Seedlings – Plant Starter Plug, Fiber Soil Plant Seed Starter, Compressed Peat Moss Plant Tray Seedling Peat BlocKs for Herb

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【Clean Seedling System】Peat pellets are compressed peat moss that once exposed to water, the pellets expand into soft little pucKs of wet peat with the netting holding them together, create a self-contained growing pot. Less messy then buying a bag of dirt. it’s a great option for growers who wish to run a clean seedling system. 【Improve The Survival Rate of The Seedlings】Each peat soil pellet is with a 1.2 ” diameter and 0.35 ” high, after absorbing water, pellet disc will grow about 4-5 times it’s size in height that bring enough grow room Hold the moisture for the seeds. The pellets are wrapped by a thin, degradable netting that holds the pellet firmly together so root ball stays intact, allowing roots to grow through, preventing transplant shocK and root damage to your new plants 【Usage Steps】1. Place the compressed peat moss in a small container. 2. Add enough water until submerge these fiber nutrient soils.(warm water is best). 3. Using a toothpicK or a pencil to maKe a small

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