2pcs Mini Inline Lubricator, Air Lubricator, Automatic Mini Lubricator, Compressed Air Lubricator for Pneumatic Tools, Impact Driver (1/4″)

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Quality: Small size, light weight, high quality zinc alloy material, copper plating. Low melting point zinc alloy, good fluidity, fusion welding, easy welding and plastic processing, corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, and easy recycling and remelting of residual waste. Lubricator size compressed air: 1/4 inch male and female thread, suitable for attachment to the tool or for interconnection in the compressed air line. Small, light and portable, very easy to carry. Principle: In an elevator with sliding friction guide shoes, the friction of the pad increases greatly in the direction of the guide rail without lubricant, resulting in rapid bearing wear and loss of frictional energy. guide rail lubrication can be used for primary lubrication and relubrication Easy to use: The transparent housing allows you to clearly see the oil level and easily oil it at any time. Loosening the screw for greasing is simple and easy to handle. PROFESSIONAL WORKMANSHIP: Professionally crafted and

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