3 in 1 Coaxial Compression Crimp Kit Tool & 40x Connectors F Type RCA BNC Male

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Ultimate Compression Crimp Kit – 1x Tool & 40x Connectors. Kit Contents: 1x 3-in-1 Compression Crimp Tool 10x RG59 F-Connector Compression Crimp Connectors (male) 10x RG6 F-Connector Compression Crimp Connectors (male) 10x RG59 BNC Compression Crimp Connectors (male) 10x RG6 RCA Compression Crimp Connectors (male) Used for – This is an essential kit for anyone needing to crimp or fit F-Type, BNC and/or RCA compression connectors to RG59 or RG6 coaxial cable. This compression crimp tool is supplied with 3 interchangeable adapters that allow to crimp the 3 different types of connectors mentioned above. Useful Features (tool) – Our high quality, professional crimp tool is extremely easy to use, a comfortable hand grip has also been installed to avoid causing any discomfort after extended use. There is a handy locking mechanism that keeps everything compact and safe when the crimpers are in your toolbox. The crimp tool is waterproof allowing it to be used in a number of different

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