3 in 1 Coaxial Compression Crimp Tool & 10x RCA PHONO Male Connectors RG6 Plug

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3-in-1 Compression Crimp Tool + 10x RCA Connectors Used for – This is an essential kit for anyone needing to crimp or fit RCA compression connectors to RG6 coaxial cable. The kit is supplied with 10x high quality RCA compressions connectors. The compression crimp tool is also supplied with 3 interchangeable adapters that allow you to crimp up to 3 different types of connectors (BNC, RCA and F-Type). Useful Features (tool) – Our high quality, professional crimp tool is extremely easy to use, a comfortable hand grip has also been installed to avoid causing any discomfort after extended use. There is a handy locking mechanism that keeps everything compact and safe when the crimpers are in your toolbox. The crimp tool is waterproof allowing it to be used in a number of different environments without subjugating it to stress or damage. The interchangeable adapters can also be stored within the tool when they are not use so you won’t lose them. Useful Features (Connectors) – The

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