50Pcs/lot Compressed Towels Cotton Non-woven Travel Towels Compact Magic Disposable Multi-use Travel Activities Outdoors Home Paper Wipes (50pcs)

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Til butik

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【Delicate and soft】- This product is made of spun non-woven cotton, which is delicate and soft, delicate on the skin and comfortable, no crumbs, strong water absorption, it can be naturally degraded. Suitable for facial cleansing, makeup remover, etc., sensitive skin can also be used. 【Strong water absorption】 – Using anilox process, strong water absorption, flexible and not easy to tear, give you a refreshing and comfortable experience; This product does not contain fluorescent agents, you can buy and use it with confidence. 【Portable】 – Packed in bags, each disposable compressed towel comes in a separate small package , easy to carry out, comfortable and hygienic, more convenient to store. You can choose towels for going out according to the number of days you go out, it can fit pockets, backpacks and backpacks in pockets without taking up space. Suitable for outdoor travel or personal care. 【Hygienic and Safe】 – Compared to traditional towels, it is disposable, which means cleaner,

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