6 Inch First Aid Training Trauma Vacuum Plus Compression Tactical Hemostatic Bandage Israel Bandage Compression Bandage

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1. DURABLE MATERIAL: Our elastic bandage is made from premium polyester materials. It provides the best results by keeping your muscles tight. Each compression bandage expands upwards and when fully stretched. It’s long enough to wrap around most wrists, ankles or knees. 2. INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED:Our elastic bandages are packed in protective packaging until you are ready to use them. This keeps your crepe dressing hygienic and debris-free to help prevent the type of adverse reaction should an injury occur. 3. COMFORTABLE AND SECURE CLOSURE:Each compression bandage comes with two elastic bandage clips. This is one of the most effective ways to hold a scarf securely in place. Mighty-X will keep it tight! 4. Expandable Sterile Pad: Effective dressing for severe wounds, burns and amputations. Folded gauze for cleaning/wrapping and dressing. entry/exit wounds and multiple wound locations.

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