6 Pieces Vacuum Storage Bags 2L100x80 +2M 80×60 + 2S 60x40cm(Hand Rolled Compression Bag) Travel Vacuum Storage Bags for Clothes, Quilts, Bedding,

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6 bags in 3 different sizes – this set contains 4 vacuum bags, 2 hand-rolled compression bags. 2 * small hand-rolled compression bag (40cm x 60cm), 2 * medium (60cm x 80cm) ), 2 * large (80cm x 100cm). Save up to 80% space – This vacuum storage bag reduces the volume by 80%. Ideal for seasonal items or space-saving winter wear. Save up to 4 times the space in your suitcase, backpack or wardrobe. Quality and Recyclable Materials – Use high quality PA + PE materials, which are not easy to damage. Light, but still very elastic and wear-resistant. These durable bags can be used for several years and can be reused. Environmentally friendly and durable. Widely applicable- Ideal vacuum bag for travel and storage of bedding, blankets, clothes, pillows, bedspreads, curtains, towels, can be protected from moisture, insects, mold, dust. Easy to use – 2 small hand-rolled compression bags (40cm x 60cm) do not require a vacuum cleaner or air pump. Manually scroll to extract air from the air for

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