A 3-gear electric heating wrist band inserted to keep warm moxibustion nursing heating wrist band exercise sprain physiotherapy hot compress 11 * 6 *

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Name: 3 Give control temperature electric heating tendon sheath (single only) Size: 11 * 6 * 2cm Product characteristics: 1. Far infrared heating therapy, seeping layer, three gear adjustments: 45 °C 50 °C 55 °C. 2, hot compress tendon sheath: for mothers, tendon sheath hands, mouse hands, wrist soreness, sprains and strain. 3. No fear of water washing. 4. Quickly heat, portable power supply. 5, wormwood heat compress therapy, double the effect. 6, 360 ° surround high -sticker design to strengthen wrist stability. 7. Press for 5 seconds to turn on, short press shift, 5V low voltage self -heating wristbands help improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, clean up meridians, and enhance immunity. This can also effectively help relieve local fatigue and pain, anti -inflammatory pain, swelling. Self -heating the wrist bracket is made of high -quality materials. It is safe and comfortable to wear, light weight, and easy to carry. Magic stickers can be adjusted according to the size of

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