A pair of self heating hot compress wrist guards for hand joint protection, physical therapy, heat, breathable exercise, weight lifting, rock

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Til butik

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Name: A pair of foam hot wrists Size: 34 * 7.8cm Product characteristics: 1. This hot printing buffer hotspot array is one by one, and the process is different; the products on the market are directly sewn. 2. Use the thumb buckle design to wrap it in the back of the hand, which does not affect the palm activity, and it is more convenient to wear. 3. Breath and ventilation and sweat design. 4, warm design. 5. Newly upgraded magnetic fiber fabrics with larger magnetic area and wider magnetic force self -heating wristbands help improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, clean up meridians, and enhance immunity. This can also effectively help relieve local fatigue and pain, anti -inflammatory pain, swelling. The wrist care is only used to relieve and prevent wrist pain, and does not have the function of eliminating arthritis. In addition, it is normal if the body parts become red, fever, and high fever. Please take it off temporarily. Pregnant women, children, and people with

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