Adjustable Shoulder Brace with Rotator Cuff for Shoulder Stability, Pain Relief, Injury Prevention and Recovery, ac Joint Dislocation, Compression

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Product description: How to protect our shoulder from strenuous activities? How to relieve pain and discomfort caused by a dislocated shoulder, arthritis, sprains, etc.? How to help your shoulder recover from injuries? The DEBAIJIA shoulder support offers a solution by providing arm compression and proper shoulder restraint in the shoulder area. This proper restriction and support of the rotator cuff improves the overall stability of the movement. Compression improves blood circulation to speed recovery from injuries. Product Features: 1. Protect your shoulder from injury and help it recover. 2. Relieve your shoulder pain and discomfort. 3. Adjustable shoulder strap, suitable for women and men. 4. Non-slip design. 5. Adjustable compression. 6. Light and breathable material. 7. Suitable for wearing under clothing. Product specifications: Adjustable size: chest straps adjustment from 90 cm to 120 cm, the circumference arm length is 35 cm to 43 cm. Color: Black. Package Content: 1 *

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