Air Duster Blower Compressed Air Dust Collector blue

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1 * air duster color: black + blue size: 200x145x65mm material: ABS + pp Weight: 530g Can be used to remove dust at home, car, camera, computer, may blow your hair; Charging power: DC5V Charging input current: 2A Output voltage: 12 V Output current: 5A Nominal power: 35 W Power consumption in standby mode: u0026 lt; 50ua Charging port: Port T-C Battery capacity: 7500 mAh Charging time: about 3h Usage time: First Run: 120 minutes, Second Run: 50 minutes Standard Delivery Configuration: Host * 1, TC * 1 charging cable, Blower pipe * 1, Pipe brush * 1, Blower pipe * 1, Chinese and English manual * 1

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