Airtight vacuum storage bags + 15% thicker nylon – Compression bags 80x60cm for travel My Vacuum Bag to store storage covers for clothes, quilt,

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Five good reasons for a GOOD buy: ROBUST QUALITY THANKS TO THICK NYLON – Protects contents from moisture, dirt, mildew, odors and insects. QUICK AND EASY TO USE – Put clothes inside. Then reseal the bag with the sealing utensil provided. And suck the air out with the vacuum cleaner or hand pump. Suitable for storing winter coats, quilts, towels, sweaters, pants, winter and summer clothes. NEVER SMELL MOLD OR MOLD IN CLOTHING – removing air from the bag prevents the growth of mold and bacteria. This protects your clothes from aging, bad odors and even mildew in damp basements, boxes or closets. VERY PRACTICAL WHEN TRAVELING – By reducing the volume of your belongings by up to 80%, you can fit a lot more clothes in small suitcases. QUALITY GUARANTEE AND RIGHT OF RETURN – All products are subject to internal checks by our quality controllers before delivery. Order now and benefit from the price reduction with right of return. Order several of these valuable accessories today and take

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