Alwaysh – Car Cleaning Gun,Auto Interior Compressed Air Cleaning Gun 1L Compressed Air Sprayer with Nozzle Brush,Suitable for Car Interior

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Product information: Model: JC010-11 Connection: European plug Handle material: Aluminum Connection size: 8mm Air inlet: 1/4 (inches) Pressure: 6-9.2 bar Tool length: 320mm Capacity: 1000ml Weight: approx. 0.7kg Feature: 1. Strong cleaning power, with biological lipids Properties, only once spray and rub stains on Leather, velor variety can be easily removed. This saves time and effort significantly improves interior cleaning efficiency. 2. Unlike the traditional method, the Upholstery cleaner will damage this cleaning gun products do not. 3. Suitable for cleaning wool car seat, leather car seat, dashboard, steering wheel, door fender, carpet, car floor mat, etc. Note 1: The cleaning gun hose comes off and can be reinstalled. The pipe has a corresponding whorl. During the installation process, the pipe inserts the whorl and is installed in place, and the pipe is not easy to fall off. Note 2: There is a waterproof ring inside the cover of the cleaning gun. during use, the cleaning gun

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