Arthritis Gloves with Magnets, Compression Therapy for Rheumatoid Hand Pain Health, Soothe Sore Hands (Golden Point)

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No fingers, so you can still do everyday tasks. Like making phone calls, typing, cooking, etc. Cuff design maximizes wrist flexibility. Relieve tendon, muscle and arthritic pain by reducing pressure points. Relax the muscles and each joint. It also provides continuous support and strength to the hands and fingers. Thermal pressure relieves pain and inflammation. Made of fabric, it is breathable and keeps the palms warm and dry. Description: Magnetic waterproof gloves, fabric, breathable, keep the palm warm and dry. Not only can it reduce swelling, stiffness and tenderness, but the cuff design can also maximize wrist flexibility. Specification: Product Type: Waterproof Magnetic Gloves Material: Fabric Quantity: 1 piece Size: about 18 x 10cm bag Loading weight: about 30g Package list: 1 waterproof inflated magnetic gloves

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