Beauty Device, Anti Wrinkle Face Device, 5 in 1 Multifunctional Anti-Aging Face Care Device with, Hot Compress Red and Blue Light Therapy Beauty

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Til butik

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【Multifunctional Facial Care Device】Combines the functions of cleansing, cold, heat, ion, vibration. It can help protect your skin from dryness, poor absorption, large pores, blackheads, wrinkles, and make your skin clearer, thinner and firmer. 【Massager Hot and Cold Face】 1. Cold mode: 6-12°C with three temperature controls, helps shrink pores, retain skin nutrients and moisture, calm puffiness, firm contour, make skin delicate and elastic. 2. Warm mode: 38-42°C, warm massage, help quickly open pores, promote blood circulation, fully absorb nutrients, and awaken skin vitality. 【Ions and EMS】 Ion+ works well for deep cleansing, Ion – allows the skin to fully absorb the nutrition of the essences. The EMS massager can stimulate facial muscles, improve sagging, relax muscles, and make skin shiny, firm, lifted and more elastic. 【High Frequency Vibration】deeply cleanses skin through with micro-vibration technology. The high frequency vibration of 10,000 times per minute can effectively

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