Breathable Compression Ankle Brace for Men and Women, Pain Relief, Great for Ankle Sprain, Achilles Tendon, Sports, Running and Daily Activities 2

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Optimally designed to provide maximum comfort and support without being intrusive. It’s perfect for a wide range of activities and sports. Whether you’re suffering from sharp or throbbing pain, give immediate support to heels, arch, ankle, fascia ligament plantar and Achilles tendon. They allow complete freedom of movement and can even be worn comfortably under your everyday socks – Perfect for activities such as walking, jogging, running, as well as for resting or sleeping. Made of breathable, lightweight fabric for maximum comfort, targeted compression promotes blood circulation, reduces inflammation, swelling and speeds up the healing process of injuries chronic and acute of the elbow. Size: size S (as shown in the picture, choose the appropriate size) Delivery quantity: 1pair/2pcs

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