Calf Compression Brace Shin Splint Sleeve Support Lower Leg Wrap Muscle US

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Feature: 1. Helps warm muscles, increases circulation and reduces swelling and minimizes effects of muscle overuse. Ideal for aiding in the healing and prevention of injuries, including strains, torn calf muscle, sciatica, orthopedic, soreness, inflammation, crampin 2. BREATHABLE NEOPRENE: Durable high-elastic and moisture wicking Latex-free neoprene-blend materials for soothing warmth and comfort 3. ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Easy to put on, triple strap attachment combines with compression pad to provide targeted, controlled compression. Special design help you avoid tearing second damage and crying caused by pulling calf compression sleeve up 4. ADJUSTABLE: Universal size (up to 20′), fits either left or right leg for men and women, wide stick straps for custom fit, so you can adjust how tightness to get the amount of support 5. GUARANTEE: Put your worries aside! We promise to provide 60 days warranty to you for any reason, including size issue, bad smell, no support and more Specification:

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