Car Cleaning Gun, Interior Cleaning Gun, Automatic Compressed Air Sprayer with Nozzle Brush, Suitable for Car Interior Maintenance Home Clean

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▼ Connection: European power plug] [operating pressure: 6-9.2 bar. ▼ Handle material: aluminum alloy Connection cable: 8 mm. ▼ The cleaning gun does not damage the surface to be cleaned. ▼ Suitable for cleaning the car, leather car seats, wool car seat, steering wheel, dashboard, carpet, door leaves, floor mats, etc.

▼ Note: 1.The cleaning gun is only suitable for European connectors. 2.The gas flow should not be less than 0.26 m3/min, that is, a pressure of at least 8 kg. 3.Use ultra concentrated detergent which should be diluted 1:10 in water. Unlike traditional products, the posts are not damaged. The indoor portable high-pressure cleaning gun greatly improves the efficiency of indoor cleaning. Saves time, as dirty spots can be cleaned more quickly and thoroughly.

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