Compressed Air Distributor, Compressed Air Fitting 1/4 Quick Release 3 Way Compressed Air Connector with Male Thread y Distributor

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High-quality materials: The compressed air distributor is made of nickel-plated iron and has higher corrosion resistance, longer service life and smoother operation. Reliable sealing: The compressed air distributor is easily connected to the compressor and extends it with other pneumatic tools and the 2 NW 7.2 fittings and nozzles of the pressure switch are equipped with sealing rings so that no air escapes. Good Design: The air manifold has industrial style air coupler and connector, 1/4 inch body connector inlet and coupler outlet. It can be connected to other brands of air fittings. Temperature resistance: + 80°C, operating pressure: 10Mpa. Easy to use: 2-way compressed air manifolds can be easily connected and disconnected, simply screw the pneumatic fittings into the manifold block connections for an organized method of supplying multiple lines from a single source. Save time: Compressed air distributor allows you to connect and operate two tools through one compressor without

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