Compressed air silencer filter – 2 pcs air filter air compressor, 1/2 20mm Male Metal Metal Silet Coque Silent Filter for boilers with air compressor

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[silencer] 2 pieces of silencer 20 mm 1/2 pt which allow the circulation of air through the silencer but prevent or reduce the spread of an audio device, an excellent option to reduce the noise of your compressor . [Noise reduction] This air compressor silencer is used on the input orifice of the air compressor. This is a good option to reduce the noise of your compressor and is an excellent replacement. [easy to use] the silencer comes with a 1/2 inch thread, adapts to most compressors, easy to install and use. It is also a good tool to replace your old. [extend the lifespan] made of high quality metal iron, this silencer of air intake with Male thread is durable. Compressor spare parts greatly help improve the efficiency and longevity of the air compressor. [Large application] The silencer is an important measure to eliminate aerodynamic noise. The silencer is used to effectively reduce the noise of equipment such as electrical energy, metallurgy, petrochemicals, mining, the steam

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