Compression Arm Warmers, Unisex UPF 50+ Anti-UV Sun Protection Sleeves, Cool Arm Covers for Football, Golf, Volleyball, Cycling and Basketball,2

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Made from a premium nylon and spandex blend, the moisture-wicking material keeps sweat out while providing relentless UPF 50+ UV protection so you can enjoy more time atoutside. Our armband covers sun and sweat protection. The cooling starts as soon as you put it on. Then it cools as the moisture evaporates. The more you sweat, the cooler it gets. How cool is the designSeamless provides a snug yet comfortable fit. The silicone liner ensures they don’t slip. Plus, they’re so light you’ll soon forget you’re wearing them. Do you need to cover your tattoos for work? The black version is ideal as a tattoo cover for a quick and painless professional look. Quick and easy care. A warm and friendly gift that will last a long time. Armband to protect people in various professions, Including: Athletes, hunters, cyclists, hikers. Nurses, factory workers, gardeners. Drivers, construction professionals and more. Specifications and packing list: Colours: black Sun protection class: UPF 50+.

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