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【Financing blood flow to the eye】You can place the eye mask in the refrigerator with a freezer (2°C-5°C) for 5-10 minutes or in hot water (40°C to 50°C) for 5 minutes Thermotherapy can relieve swelling of the eyes, sinus complaints, migraines and without medication. It can promote blood flow to the eyes, effectively relieve dark circles and improve bags under the eyes. 【Holles Design】It can be used at any time without delaying your work or leisure. It is suitable for relieving eye strain and dry eyes when using electronic products such as computers and cell phones, making work easier. 【Super Soft】 Made of soft, flexible PVC and environmentally friendly, it weighs only 100 grams. This is convenient for long-distance travel and can easily be stored in hand luggage. 【Super Comfortable】 It’s very comfortable to wear. The fresh eye mask contains gel protection gel. The texture is soft, and the surface of the eye mask does not irritate the skin. It is suitable for people of all ages.

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