Dishwashing Cloth, Thickened Wood Pulp Cotton, Compressed Sponge, Dishwashing Block, Cheese Bread

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Dishwashing cloth, thickened wood pulp cotton, compressed sponge, dishwashing block Product size: 9.5*9.5cm Material: wood pulp cotton Function: decontamination and oil-free Benefits: Absorbs clean, soft and comfortable They are small and portable. These sponges swell when exposed to water. Great for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, facials, crafts and more. Use different colors for different things. [VERY VERSATILE] – While great for cleaning the kitchen, these compressed sponges are very versatile. Use the sponge as a body scrubber in the bath and shower. Use it as a facial exfoliator for deep cleansing. Babies can use and play in the bathtub. It can be used to avoid soap scum, and it can even be used as an ice pack. Each sponge will withstand months of daily use in your kitchen, bathroom or car without falling apart. POWERFUL WASHING POWER – Large size sponges take less time to clean pots, walls, windows, floors and work surfaces.

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