Dog Front Leg Braces Canine Paw Compression Wraps Pet Knee Pad Dog Elbow Protector with Reflective Strap Helps Relieve Ligament Injuries Sprains and

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【Recommended size】L: 20 × 18.5 × 14 CM/7.8 × 7.2 × 5.5inch, suitable for dogs of 15.5-30kg. 【Useful for Dog Rehabilitation】A dog front leg brace can help treat pain caused by injury or surgery, better care for dog wounds, help them reduce chronic inflammation, and help treat loss of stability caused by arthritis. 【Stability】Provides maximum support and stability during injury, helps stabilize fibular arthritis after fatigue injury, and the dog will no longer suffer joint or knee injury. 【Premium SBR Material】Selected Scuba Dirt (SBR) is a synthetic rubber foam that feels fine, soft and elastic. It has the characteristics of shockproof, heat insulation, elasticity and impermeability. 【EASY TO USE】Perfect for wrapping the legs to cover cuts and wounds. Simply wrap the wound and wrap it in our support dog leg shield to prevent chewing.

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