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Plug-in Heated Knee Pads (Single) Product Material: Diving Cloth Size: 24.5*56cm Product color: black Mesh bag (can hold moxibustion bag, ice pack, etc.) Features: 1. Relieve knee pain associated with arthritis, bursitis, strains, sprains and meniscus tears; 2. Built-in mesh bag, which can be placed in an ice pack for a cold compress, or moxibustion in a moxa bag; 3. Adjustable to secure in place, two bifurcated strap design, hook-and-loop closure, also can be used for calf, thigh, arm, relieve muscle pain and cramps; 4. 1 button control and 3 heating settings, the operation is very simple, you can fully control the temperature and heating time; 5. USB cable is portable and can be plugged into any power source with USB interface, easy to use; 6. This knee heating pad is portable and easy to put in a suitcase or purse

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