Eye Massager Electric Hot Compress Massage Eye Protector(Pink)

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Heat Compress – The built-in heating pad provides a comfortable hot compress for the eyes, better relieve migraine headaches, relieve eye strain, eye strain, dry eyes and eyestrain after long hours of work or study Massage – Eye massager uses kneading, trigger point therapy and rhythmic percussion massage. It’s a very cool experience, like a real masseuse massaging the facial area around your eyes and forehead, the temples make you feel relaxed Aesthetic Design – The curved nose bridge is ergonomically designed to fit most face shapes, and the headband is adjustable. Smaller size, more convenient to carry 38~42°- low temperature constant temperature hot compress Dry eyes, astringent eyes, tired eyes, swollen eyes and lack of energy, just wear it and close your eyes. 42~45°2nd gear, medium temperature, 2nd gear 42° is the most suitable temperature for human eyes, so you can sleep comfortably and brighten your eyes 48~58° three gears, medium temperature, three gears The third gear is

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