Eye Massager With Heat Improve Sleep, Relieve Eye Strain, Dry Eyes, Dark Circles, Bags, Rechargeable Compression Heated Eye Massager, Portable,

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No dark circles! No bags under the eyes! = Makes you more energized! Tired of eyes at work Do you have a headache Our eye massager helps you move energy into every aspect of your life. This massager uses heat, compression and vibration for gentle relaxation. Reaching a 95% thermal compression zone, it provides a comfortable temperature of 104 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius – 42 degrees Celsius), perfect for eye fatigue, puffiness and headache relief. Get a massager! Stay active! Eye Massage Innovation – You deserve it! As an eye care company, we make this eye mask massager instead of an eye workout to relax your eyes. Let you enjoy the eye massager. The ergonomic design fits the eye perfectly and won’t miss any pain. It massages wide feet, misses, temples, Chengqi and Jingming acupuncture points through air pressure and vibration. These massages stimulate blood flow around the eyes, relax the eye muscles, remove eye bags and dark circles, and make sleep deprived. Awaken

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