Facial Ice Muscle Instrument – Ice Compression to Cool Down – Shrink Pores

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Facial Ice Muscle Device – Ice Cooling – Shrink Pores Product name: Ice muscle instrument Size: 55*55*120mm Applicable parts: face, legs, hands, back feature: This product helps to calm and soothe sensitive skin and relieve pain. The top buckle of this product allows you to easily beautify your skin, help remove facial puffiness and increase elasticity for sagging skin. This product adopts pure physical cooling, anaerobic and bloodless. The moisture on the ice skin device can replenish the lost moisture of the skin. Can be used for heat dissipation, reusable and energy saving. The product is small in size, easy to carry, and does not take up space. Enhance skin metabolism, discharge waste toxins, and have a certain elimination effect on eye bags and dark circles. Instructions: Put the instrument in the refrigerator or refrigerated environment for about 1 hour; Before using the instrument, please confirm whether the temperature of the instrument is appropriate, and it should not be too

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