FlkwoH Thigh Support Compression Groin Support Thigh Support Neoprene Pain Relief For Hip, Loop, Hamstring, Thigh and Sciatic Nerve Pain

440,00 kr.

Til butik

Varenummer (SKU): 8554100619848277


[Effective Support and Pain Relief]: The hip compression corset provides firm support to the hip, thigh and lower back; The groin brace can also improve mobility and reduce muscle discomfort due to sciatica, thigh injuries, hamstrings, piriformis syndrome, hip flexion, quadriceps, etc. [Breathable Neoprene Material]: Lightweight, breathable and breathable neoprene blend, there are many air holes inside. Equipment is kept warm and safe. Hip compression brace keeps your body cool and comfortable under or over clothing during outdoor activities [Adjustable and Non-slip Design]: Three stretchy and adjustable straps provide a targeted and controlled compression and will never interfere with your calf activities; the belt prevents the knee pad from slipping, rolling or bunching, to provide more stability and sufficient support [Suitable for left or right legs]: the adjustable straps are secured by a strong velcro closure for a custom fit, accommodating most thighs; universal size (thigh

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