FVO – Adjustable Compression Strap – Weak Injured Wrist – Pain Relief – Sprain/Sprain – Carpal Tunnel – Injury Recovery Splint – Repetitive Injury

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GREAT FOR: Provides protection and compression for weak and overstretched wrist tendons and joints, especially useful for RSI repetitive strain injuries. By the pressure of the injured wrist. Minimizes the risk of future injury. Provides firm support around the weakened and strained area. FEATURES: Minimizes the potential for injury. Helps relieve pain by pressure on the injured wrist. Provides firm support around weak or strained joints. The adjustable hook-and-loop closure ensures a comfortable fit and stabilization during activities. RECOVER AND PREVENT INJURY: Retains body heat to warm the wrist and increase blood circulation. Coolprene material helps retain body heat, speeding up the healing process. Minimize the risk of future injury. Provides support and protection to muscles aiding in rheumatism and can also be used more generally for sports activities. INCREASED BLOOD CIRCULATION: A positive by-product of therapeutic heat is increased blood circulation to the muscle group

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