Gift – 200 Pcs Disposable Compressed Towels for Travel Portable Mini Compressed Towel for Face Washing Makeup Removal Small Towels for Outdoor

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Eco-friendly material: The compressed towel is made of high quality non-woven cotton linen, lightweight, soft, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, it can directly touch the skin, you can use it with confidence. Value Combination: The package includes 200*disposable magic towels in total, which is enough to meet your uses anywhere at home or on the go, very convenient and very useful. Convenient size: The size before the expansion measures about 20 x 8mm, which is suitable for putting it in your bag or pocket for going out. And the amplification size is approx. 21 x 17cm, suitable for normal use. Easy to use: Just put the compressed towel in cold or hot water for a few seconds and it will fully unfold, which won’t cost you much time. Warning: This compressed towel looks like candy, so keep it away from children. Wide Application: Ideal for indoor applications, such as kitchen, hotel, home and office, etc., but also for outdoor activities, for example, travel, camping, hiking and

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