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Erotic shoulder pain-built-in heating pad treatment pad can warm your shoulders, promote blood circulation, and relieve pain caused by frozen shoulder frozen, rotor cuff, sprain, tendonitis, paralysis, strain, stiffness or sore pain. It can relax the muscles of the shoulder and help recover faster. Soft and adjustable, wearing comfortable-dual-breathable chlorite rubber material ring design two-way adjustment, men and women are worn on the left or right shoulder. Innovative four -corner compression pad design -Our innovative four -corner compression pad is made of elastic club rubber, gently stretching the four -corner and paste the hook ring. You will get more compact and close protection.

Quick heating and three temperature mode and overheating protection-Our shoulder support operation is simple, and the long button is opened/closed for 3 seconds. Configure the battery (capacity 2600) and overheating protection. After 5 minutes of operation, automatically convert to

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