Heguyey – 10 Pcs Natural Dishwashing Sponge Washable Reusable Sponge – Dishwashing Sponge Compressed Pulp Sponge Anti-Scratch Sponges for Home Kitchen

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Color as shown Size: 11 x 7 x 1 cm Weight: 80 g Natural cellulose sponges: Our dishwashing sponges are made from high-quality, biodegradable and environmentally friendly pulp derived from plant-based wood. No more bad smells for daily use. Natural Yellow, No Fading .Scratch-Resistant Washable Dish Sponge: These washable dish sponges have special honeycomb holes, easy to foam and super absorbent. Compared with ordinary sponges, it can effectively catch dust, stains and dirt particles, but will not leave streaks on your dishes. Pots, kitchen countertops, windows, bathrooms, etc. Fun Compressed Sponge Cut Out: This compressed sponge is a perfect cut-out DIY for kids. It’s also fun for kids to see the compressed sponge swell after hydration and develop an interest in household chores to develop. “

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