Hot natural rubber water bag -hot cold compress in the thermoplastic resistance against burst, with soft fleece cover, relief pain, gray, 1l

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Safe material: natural rubber, environmentally friendly, absolutely free of BPA, phthalates and other harmful contents. Keep warm for hours: the bottle and lid should retain heat to ensure your comfort. Flexible covers distribute heat evenly and protect you from excessive warm UP. It is ideal To warm your bed. Durable, safe and ecological: the bottle complies with BS1970:2012, the British safety standard used worldwide for hot pain compresses, which means it is waterproof and sustainable. The Bottle and lid are suitable for vegans and are safe for babies and children. Please note: An adult must always monitor with boiling water and never fill. P> easy to use: The hot and cold hot water bottle with wide mouth is easy to fill and operate. The hot pouch for pain relief is multifunctional. Use it for neck and shoulder pain, for medical purposes during Pregnancy or as a foot heater. Just like the classic rubber hot water bottle in your grandmother. Great gift selection: The hot water

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