Hot Water Bottle, Rabbit Hot Water Bag with Soft Luxurious Faux Fluffy Plush Cover 2L Dark Grey Cold Compress Bags Cold Therapy pvc Hot Compress Bag

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Package Content: You will receive a 2 L hot water bottle and a 32x20cm/12.60×7.87 inch faux plush cover. It can be used by adults, kids and the elderly. Easy to Use: The hot water bottle is designed with a wide mouth to prevent you from getting burned while pouring water. Pouring water into the hot water bottle is also easy, quick, and won’t spill. Please fill it two-thirds of the way with 80 degrees hot water. (Note: Do not microwave.) Multipurpose Hot Water Bottle: Hot water bottle can do heat therapy, help to relax tired muscles and tight shoulders from stress and overexercise. It can also be used as a cold compress bag to reduce swelling. Non-electric and travel-friendly, you can use them at home, in your dorm, and while traveling. Good Helper: The soft and luxurious faux fur cover provides excellent insulation and is effective for 6-8 hours. You can place it under a bed cover to dispel the cold night air and use it as a heat pack under your clothes to relieve back pain. Ideal

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