H&V Inline Electrolytic Scale Reducer Inhibitor 15mm Compression Calmag WRAS

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The in-line Calmag H&V Electrolytic Scale Reducer range uses electrolytic principles to prevent the build-up of scale throughout the home, and remains effective over many years dependent on water usage. It works by altering the structure of the hardness salts, providing benefits to a range of appliances from kettles to showers and boilers offering whole house protection against scale. Calmag H&V Inline can be fitted onto the hot or cold water lines. It comes with compression fittings as standard and does not require earth bonding. Once the unit has been installed you can sit back and relax as it will continue to work day and night without the need for regular maintenance. Lime scale affects a large number of households in the UK. Calmag H&V Scale buildup on copper pipes and in hot water cylinders can cause them to become inefficient and expensive to run. The scale inhibitor alters the makeup of the lime scale so it does not stick to the inside of pipes and appliances. You’re

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