Magnetic Anti Arthritis Health Compression Therapy Gloves Rheumatoid Hand Pain Relief Hand Wrist Brace Corrector Skin 20*15CM

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Its special design will make you look unique. This is a great gift for loved ones, family, friends and colleagues. Comfortable, lightweight glove provides gentle compression and massage relief. Does not interfere with daily activities. Helps improve blood circulation and speed up the natural healing process. They offer concentric magnets that provide a unique magnetic field configuration that aligns the ions in your bloodstream to increase circulation. This extra blood flow speeds healing, reduces pain, rejuvenates your hand, and ensures an optimal magnetic field for problem areas. Relieve hand pain caused by arthritis, stiffness or general overuse. Provides gentle compresses and massages for all-day relief. Promotes blood circulation and provides heat therapy. Stretchable material for lightly compressing and insulating hands. Fingerless design for flexible handling of everyday tasks. Suitable for men or women. One size fits all. Great for arthritis sufferers. Not suitable for

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