Migraine cap, migraine compression cap, ice mask headband, migraine ice hat, hot and cold ice pack for headache relief, chronic migraines

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Cold Compression Therapy for Migraine Relief: Made with advanced materials and professional-grade gel, it’s already cool without it. The skin-friendly non-slip inner material prevents the ice pack from slipping off the head, puts pressure on the head and temples, easily secures the migraine helmet and helps relieve migraines and headaches. /p> 360° natural cooling: The cooling mask effectively relieves headaches. Ideal product for those who suffer from migraines and frequent headaches. Great for eyes, scalp, facial tension and stress relief. Relieve Migraines, Swelling, Pain! Hot or Cold Compress: Simply warm cap in fridge/freezer or microwave before use. Like a hot water bottle, it increases blood flow and relaxes muscle tissue. To use: Simply place the entire gel cap or pouch in the fridge or freezer to achieve the desired cooling/freezing effect . For cold therapy capsules, store ice cream 1-2 hours in the refrigerator or freeze 20 minutes. Versatile: migraine masks can be worn on

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