Osteoarthritis Gloves, Fingerless Rheumatic Compression Gloves, Wrist Support Gloves Gaming Arthritis Pain Relief Rheumatic Tendinitis, RSI, Carpal

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Compression copper infused material: 85% copper fiber and 15% spandex. High quality composite fabric with high copper content to ensure all day comfort and provide gentle targeted compression, fingerless copper fiber gloves have good supportive and elastic properties to stabilize muscle tissue, relieve joint swelling and relieve pain. Adjustable Wrist Strap: It can give your wrist extra support, you can easily adjust the tightness to your needs and exert pressure on your wrist. The longer and wider wrist adjustment strap can effectively support and protect the wrist and is suitable for most people’s wrist circumference. Open fingers and ergonomic design ensure finger flexibility so that you can write, work, type or play mobile phones freely. Palm and finger silicone strips provide extra grip to prevent items from falling out of your hands. Can be worn all day, our copper fiber fabric is odor resistant and moisture wicking and keeps your hands dry, comfortable and breathable all day

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