Postpartum women’s massage, inflation, breastfeeding milk, hot compress, dredging to improve milk circulation

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Size:15cm*9cm*6cm Weight:180g Improve your breast milk flow: by applying gentle pressure and vibration to the affected breast; , the breastfeeding massager helps express breast milk and restore your flow. The milk pumping tool helps to empty breasts more easily while reducing over, under and over-feeding problems. Helps with Breastfeeding Difficulties: Use the breastfeeding massager to relieve pain caused by breast engorgement Channels and causes breast redness, tenderness and other breastfeeding discomfort. Add the massager; Your breastfeeding care plan as a preventive tool for many symptoms and pains associated with breastfeeding or pumping. UNIQUE BREAST SHAPED DESIGN: The original shape with its three sides; Specially designed tees and multiple vibration modes combine to create a simple and effective lactation tool that is easy to use. Use for all mothers, whether they are exclusively breastfeeding or pumping. More effective than a breast pump. Hand: proves to be more effective

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