REAL BUBEE Maternity Products Alleviate Lactation Bilge Milk Three-in-one Breast Care Cold Hot Compress pad

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1. During pregnancy, warm breast pads can make pregnant women feel comfortable. Cooling pads can relieve tension in a pregnant woman”s breast tissue. 2. During breastfeeding, heated breast pads can help unblock your breasts and increase milk flow. 3. During weaning, cold compresses can cool down and relieve pain. It relaxes tissue, relieves pain, and relieves congestion and swelling in deep tissue. 4. Use the suction cup to place it on the outer edge of the bra to help express the milk. 5. Safety: Natural resin organic material, BPA free. 6. Versatility: It can be used at other times, such as fever, toothache, backache, etc.

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