Set of 2 hot water cans with flexible plush cover, hot water pocket 1l for hot compress and cold hot Bouillotte hot winter shoulders for women (gray)

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Do you want to keep your hands warm in winter? Want to have a little heat during your period? Or do you want to have a hot or cold compress? Here, 2 -pack hot water bottles can meet your needs. Made from non -toxic materials, safe and durable to use. You have just put hot water in this bag and make sure to tighten the button, you will get a wonderful heater. Features: made of high quality PVC, more durable, longer heat conservation time. Transparent bag body, the water level is clearly visible during filling. Large opening design, easier water injection. can warm the hands, size, belly, feet, bed, which is the best hot companion in cold weather. The hot water bottle can be used as a hot or cold compress to relieve muscle pain, dysmenorrhea and sports injuries. delivered with an elegant and stylish flexible cover for hot water bottle that prevents hot rubber from entering directly in touch with your skin and causing burns. Characteristics: Color: Gray Quantity: Lot of 2

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